“Identifying the role of Endothelin-1 as a VEGF-independent angiogenic factor in sunitinib-resistant metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma”

  • Ninadh D’costa
  • Supervisor: Dr. Alan So
  • Vancouver Prostate Centre, Vancouver BC
  • $15,000

“Machine learning and kidney cancer: predicting recurrence after localized therapy”

  • Yanbo Guo
  • Supervisor: Dr. Anil Kapoor
  • Division of Urology, McMaster Institute of Urology, Hamilton, ON
  • $15,000

“Development and evaluation of a patient decision aid for individuals with small renal masses deciding on management option”

  • Yanbo Guo
  • Supervisor: Dr. Luke T. LavallĂ©e
  • Department of Surgery, The Ottawa Hospital, University of Ottawa, ON
  • $15,000


“Inhibition of SCD1: Strategy for improving therapeutic response and delaying resistance in prostate cancer.”

  • Dr. Amine Lounis
  • University of Montreal
  • $25,000

“The preclinical development of a formulation to silence the expression of a novel protein required for prostate cancer metastasis”

  • Dr. Jan Rudzinski
  • University of Alberta
  • $50,000

“Impact of putative chemo-preventative agents on prostate cancer diagnosis and outcomes among patients with a negative first biopsy”

  • Dr. Hanan Goldberg
  • University of Toronto
  • $25,000

“Inducing prostate tumor eosinophilia to favor prostate cancer immunotherapy.”

  • Dr. Fanny Gaignier
  • CHUC (Laval University)
  • $50,000


“Molecular subtyping to stratify the treatment of muscle invasive bladder cancer using decision analytic and costing techniques.”

  • Drs. D. Magee & G. Kulkarni
  • $15,000

“Boosting the combination of radiation and anti-PDLI with OX40 agonist in CIS and abscopal effect”

  • Drs. M. Gautier & W. Kassouf
  • $10,000

“Neuroendocrine-like bladder cancer”

  • Drs. J. Batista Da Costa & P. Black
  • $15,000

“Bladder cancer immunotherapy based on the papaya mosaic virus nanoparticle platform”

  • Drs. F. Gaignier & Y. Fradet
  • $10,000

2018 BAYER:

“Outcomes in patients with advanced prostate cancer and P13K/AKT pathway aberrations”

  • Drs. S. Yip & K. Chi
  • $10,000


“Impact of autophagy in the development of resistance in PCa cells”

  • Drs. M. Cahuzac & F. Saad
  • $10,000

“Can % free PSA be used as a biomarker of progression following surgery or radiation for prostate cancer.”

  • Drs. D. Woon & N. Fleshner
  • $10,000

2018 MERCK:

“Assessing glioma protein inhibition in sunitinib-resistance using a 3 dimensional tissue engineered renal cell carcinoma patient derived model”

  • Drs. N. DaCosta & A. So
  • $10,000

“Ex Vivo culture as a model to study the prostate tumor microenvironment”

  • Drs.C. Biobossot & P. Toren
  • $10,000